Get the best out of your bike


  • Wipe/inspect frame, rims and parts.
  • Gear and brake tune + wheel truing + adjust preload of bearings where needed
  • List of recommended services/parts, quote if needed

* Discounted to $105 if wheel true and bearing adjust is not needed

* Discounted to $55 for assessment only and no work is done because of frame damage


Tube/Tire install $25 (extra charges will apply for brake/shifting adjustment)
Chain install $25
Gear adjust $25
Shift cable/housing install $35-55
Brake adjust $25
Brake pads install $25
Brake bleed $35-50 (Shimano, SRAM and Hayes brakes only)
Headset install $35
Wheel true $35-55
Tubeless setup $45-50 *includes parts per wheel
Wheel build $120 *$150 from existing wheel
Spoke install/true $35-55
Full suspension pivot bearing replacement $225 and up
Dirty bike clean $35
50hr shock air can service $60
Drivetrain clean in our parts washer $60-80
50hr fork lowers service $80
100hr fork/shock full service send-out $150-250

** Storage Fee: Bikes in service need to be picked up within a week of work completion because of limited space, otherwise a storage fee of $5 per day will be applied. Bikes left over a month will be donated or recycled.

*** We do not accept department store level bikes for any kind of repairs due to liability issues.

**** We only work on ebikes with Shimano, Bosch and Fazua motors.



  • This service is provided to bikes purchased from Kinetik Cycles and is comprised of the NEW BIKE TUNE for 1 year from the date of purchase to the original owner.
  • Should a bike need any service/ parts beyond what the New Bike Tune offers; this will be at cost to the customer (customer will be consulted first).
  • In the case that a more comprehensive service package is requested/required, the value of the New Bike Tune will be discounted from the price.