10 Great Gift Ideas For The Mountain Biker In Your Life...

Need help finding a great gift for the mountain biker in your life?

Well, we've got some GREAT news...

To make it easy for you, the Kinetik Cycles team has put together a list of gifts that ANY mountain biker will love!

Gift Idea


Bike Cleaning Essentials

Mountain biking and dirt go hand-in-hand and that's why you can't go wrong filling a stocking with any of our top bike cleaning products.

→ Click here to see the cleaning essentials.

Gift Idea


Tire Repair Tools

Flat tires suck... but you can make them suck WAY less by stuffing a stocking with these trail side tire repair tools.

→ Click here for tire repair tools.

Gift Idea


Hip Packs

If your favourite mountain biker is still hauling around a backpack style hydration pack, we're sure they'd love one of the new, lighter hip packs that are all the rage these days.

→ Click here to check them out.

Gift Idea



Every rider loves a new jersey and it's the one piece of apparel that is pretty easy to buy for someone else. Plus we have a massive selection from leading brands like FastHouse, Fox, TLD, Chromag and more.

→ Click here to see the jerseys.

Gift Idea


Water Bottles

Everyone loves a new water bottle. Seriously, you can't go wrong.

→ Click here for our selection of bottles and cages.

Gift Idea


Tire Pumps

A new floor pump for the workshop? Or maybe a fancy new mini-pump to carry in their pack. Another gift idea, that you can't go wrong with.

→ Click here for our entire pump selection.

Gift Idea



You can never have too many multi-tools and these trailside saviours are a must for every ride. You can't go wrong!

→ Check them out here.

Gift Idea



Never underestimate the power of a good pair of Riding Gloves! They're the unsung heroes of any mountain biking adventure. Providing grip, comfort, and protection from the elements, these gloves are a must-have for every trail conqueror. Plus, they're a stylish way to wave goodbye to blisters and rough hands. Perfect for gripping those handlebars, no matter how wild the ride gets!

→ Click here to get one... or two pairs.

Gift Idea


Tailgate Pads

If the mountain biker in your life drives a pick-up truck, you can't go wrong with a snazzy new tailgate pad from Fox, RaceFace or Dakine.

→ Check our our selection of tailgate pads here.

Gift Idea



The Little Things that Make a Big Difference! From the sleek protection of Marshguards, keeping mud at bay, to the innovative Half-Clip for that extra pedal power. Don’t forget the Knog Scout Alarm to safeguard your prized ride and the ingenious Steadyrack for hassle-free storage. Each item in this collection is designed to enhance the riding experience, proving that sometimes, it's the small details that count the most.

→ Click here to check out all of our accessories.

So there they are... 10 great holiday gift ideas for the mountain biker you love.

And remember, if they don't absolutely love whatever you've chosen for them, they can always bring it back and exchange it!

- The Kinetik Cycles Team