Ridewrap Shuttle Armor/Guard

Ridewrap Shuttle Armor/Guard

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For as long as there have been mountain bikes,  mountain bike riders have gone up to come back down. Energy spent on the climb is returned, plus interest, when the bike and the rider turn downhill. Some riders use their own two legs to power the climb to the top. Others opt for a more effort-efficient way of getting to the top to optimize and prioritize the descent. The use of trucks or chair lifts to assist their journey allows them to save all of their energy for the adrenaline-filled descents that many riders yearn for. The majority of these uplifts are devoted to downhill and all-mountain style bikes crammed into the back of a pick-up truck resting on the downtubes.


The downtube sees the worst abuse of shuttle roads. It feels every bump, compression, and corner as the truck drives up for each lap. Whether you’ve got a Cautious Cal or a Dangerous Dan at the wheel of the shuttle, your mountain bike’s down tube will see some wear. 

As shuttle enthusiasts, and bike protection creators we decided to do something to protect your downtube from harsh tailgate rub. While a Tailgate pad is great for protecting your truck it does not do much to protect your frame. In order to maintain the strength and beauty of your frame, we created  Shuttle Armor


While the Tailored Protection™ mtb frame protection kits save your frame’s top tube from your mate’s brake levers, your chainstay from adjacent pedals, heel rub, and swirls from muddy riding kit, the abuse of shuttling needs extra protection. Mobbing through countless bumps, washboards, and drainage ditches each lap in your trusted shuttle rig is a surefire way to wear a hole through the paint on your downtube.

To combat this issue we developed a product that prevents the damage caused by shuttling. Shuttle Armor increases your bike frame protection and is built from high durability urethane. By installing it to your down tube, it increases the lifetime of your frame protection kit as well as your bike frame.

The armor is designed to fit the curves of your downtube and offer optimal protection. In addition to the added bike protection, the armor provides extra grip on the tailgate. This keeps your frame and fork from sliding into your friend’s bikes or around the bed of the truck. 

  • Fits all makes, models, and sizes.
  • Protect your downtube from harsh tailgate rub. Maintain the strength and beauty of your frame.
  • Made from high durability urethane. Bonds to your frame with high-strength adhesive.
  • Included in the box; one (1) Shuttle Armor and one (1) install cleaning wipe.
  • The Shuttle Armor is removable if needed.

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